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Happy Birthday Lucas! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year- actually longer as I first met your parents at their maternity session! Wow, time has sure flown by little man! You have completely rocked every single session from the first to the last! I’ve sure loved watching you grow through my lens. You have the cutest little smile and personality! We had a blast at your one year session, where we discovered your love for Cheerios! I bribed you for all your photos with them! hahaha, I had to apologize to mommy & daddy for possibly creating a Cheerios Monster! I can’t wait to see how you change over the next year! And maybe someday you will bring back a little brother or sister to my studio. Now doesn’t that sound like an amazing idea? I thought so. Love you so much sweet heart! Enjoy this little peek, xoxo


This session is very close to my heart. As a matter of fact I ended up crying half way through. Partly because I was so happy for these women who love each other so much that they wanted to have their portraits taken together. Record this memory for many years to come. And I cried because the pain of losing my gram was all to fresh still and I deeply regret not seeing her enough and especially not having my portrait taken with her. As I look at these portraits, I can’t help but feel so happy for my friend Cassandra whom I met last year at her maternity session then at baby Calena’s newborn portrait session. Her mom and her Memere mean the world to her. Very soon after this session, Memere fell and hurt herself badly and gave this family a terrible scare. With the grace of God and many, many prayers, she is on the road to recovery. I prayed for her daily and was so relieved to hear the good news. Now I as post these I have the biggest smile on my face and I’m just so happy to witness the love shared between these women and this baby girl! Enjoy this little peek! xoxo

Say Hello to Aliara! She came all the way from the Bangor area for portraits! What a trooper, made that long ride and smiled the entire time she was here in my studio! I noticed right away that she made the most amazing little duck kissy lips and I couldn’t get enough of it! She absolutely loves baseball, even has her own pink Red Sox kit! When daddy asked if I had anything “Crabs” I about jumped! Of course I do! hahaha, I was all to happy to pull out a crab set and it matched Aliara’s stuff crabs perfectly! I loved meeting this girl and can’t wait to see her again for her cake smash! Enjoy this little peek, xoxo

Miss Ava! Happy 1st Birthday Gorgeous girl! I was so excited to see you again! My you have changed so much and I think you look so much like your daddy! Mommy and I had so much fun dressing you up like a little diva! You really loved your hot air balloon ride and wearing mommies hats! I can’t wait to see you again princess! Enjoy this little peek of Ava’s session, xoxo

Happy First Birthday Waylon! I was so thrilled when mommy messaged me to book your Cake Smash as your 6.5 month session went so amazing! I couldn’t wait to see you again and check out how you’ve changed. First thing I noticed was you were walking then I saw your hair. Oh my goodness those little curls in the back. Be still my heart! Of course you still had your amazing dimpled smile which captured my heart 6 months ago! Loved all mommies ideas for your shoot as the #1 thing you love is Music! We sure had fun with this set. Playing guitar, banging on the drums, checking out records and dancing. So sweet! And goodness, look at you with your tools! Ah! I bet you could fix anything or just look too cute trying! Now, check out this cake smash! I loved these set colors as they match your bedroom! Yummy cake goodness! We had a BLAST watching you dig and tear into your cake! You even stuck your foot into it! Best part was you offering us some. Sweet boy! Such a wonderful birthday session Waylon! Miss Tracey can’t wait to see you again! Enjoy these peeks into Waylon’s session, enjoy! xoxo